Development of controllers

· power distribution group, low VCEsat and small signal transistor; standard SMD, and pinless clip bonded packaging
Lithium battery protection board

· extensive selections of Zener, Schottky and switches

· ultra-small and ultra-thin label packaging options
Customizedel ectronic products

· low RDSon device, <20 v to>200v;
LFPAK33 -low-resistance packaging benchmark

Hangzhou Huixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful city in China. The company is keeping pace with the times, and devoted itself to boosting economy.

By adopting practical approaches, it has innovated in all aspectst has  innovated in all aspects, demonstrating its reform in this new stage and this new century.

Business scope of the company: R&D and production of lithium battery protection board, and various industrial controls; the technical development, technical service,technical consulting and achievement transfer of electronic products, computer software and hardware, network information technologies, and household appliances as well as the wholesales and retails of electronic products ...

Hangzhou Huixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

TEL:  0571-88519697 / 13018924771
Address:  2F West, Building 8, Landu High-tech Park, No. 5, Yaojia Road, Liangzhu Sub-district, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City
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